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The specialised in handwork is a mail order site of traditional crafts, folk crafts, and food managed by Topy Planning ltd.
We went up to HP on April 22, 2010, and this year marks our 10th anniversary.
Ten years in the online shopping industry would be a decent achievement, wouldn't it?
It's a momentous time, but it's been a big ebb and flow since last year.
Our mail order system is originally a site with a structure that does not result in a deficit settlement.
Even if our sales are down, they won't be negative because we have fewer fixed costs. Expenses will increase or decrease depending on sales.
The specialised in handwork
That tide is...
1.Withdrawal of Yahoo servers.
  Yahoo! Japan's Yahoo- Geocities, which is part of SoftBank Corporation, was disbanded on 
     March 31, 2019.。
  Our site, which was on the top page of the search engines, is back to the beginning of zero.
     It was thrown in the trash.
2.In Japan, Amazon, Rakuten and Yahoo shopping are the top mail order sites.
  They all offer an inexpensive selection of topical products and free or inexpensive shipping.
  Increased price competition is the way of the times.
      Retailing is in the age of mail order.

3.Introduction of English version of The specialty of handicrafts  for overseas
English version of The specialty of handicrafts 
The speciaized in handwork
Mikitani, the president of Rakuten, is offering free shipping for items over 2,980 yen in a competition with Amazon. It is the manufacturer who pays for the shipping costs.
If you look at the normal shipping costs for an item at that price, the profit is nil.
The Fair Trade Commission sees this as a problem, but unless this strategy can be developed, Rakuten will not be able to compete with Amazon.
However, manufacturers, especially small and medium-sized ones, will join the competition by dropping prices and shaving profits with shipping costs, but they will be strangling themselves.
They will be weeded out.

I was once involved with a subcontractor working for a major general contractor, and after five and ten years, the company steadily wore down and went bankrupt. The big general contractors have the power of government-approved licensing and pinch only the profits. It is our policy to comply with national regulations.

We can see the same composition in the mail order.
It's a world with nothing but a huge financial capital figure and skinny, poor people.
It is a world where not a single plant or tree can survive.
I think it would be a happy world where the emperor, the shogunate, and the common people were able to make the best use of their lives as farmers, and where there were fewer conflicts like in the Edo period.

The world of globalism has emerged as an extension of the imperialist era centuries later.
It seems that the suzerainties that ruled the world by force of arms have simply turned to finance capital.
The survival strategy of Kyoto's long-established stores in Japan is that price competition won't come first.

The strategy is to maintain cost and profit and to continue to produce good products without sacrificing our bones.
Our business philosophy (policy) is to take care of our customers and make them happy with our products, and we will continue to make our products out of gratitude.
The value of our products is the same as our brand.
The brand becomes a value that fits the product.

My product price is the manufacturer's list price.
They will tell me it's an open price, but we won't beat that price. However, they fall into a price war and don't sell at a discount.
Bullying the manufacturer is not only profitable for our company, but also for one person.
Our company's business philosophy is to ensure a win-win relationship between the manufacturer, the customer and us.

I created the words "REOHAS (Riojas)" at the same time as the policy of this mail-order/The specialised in handicrafts , "Life with Japanese beauty". It stands for Regional economy of health and sustainability.
Reohas is involved in the work for the purpose of the global environment and the way we live our lives.
It is cultivated in the same soil as the "life with Japanease beauty" that we advocate.
The specialized in handwork is a brand that is planned by The Topy Planning.Ltd
The English version of the website has not been completed yet. I offer my apologies.
We are making it gradually, so please wait for a while.
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cell phone number   080-5089-9227       (from overseas  +8180-5089-9227)
e-mail     topykikaku @ ybb.ne.jp

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