Nikko Geta's English version hp production.vol-001

Starting yesterday, I started producing the English version of the specialized in handwork Nikko Geta Masasi Yamamoto, but I have completed it today.
The Japanese page has been changed from the maintenance to make it easier to see the images and the price list has been changed.
Cross-border EC is the norm in this world.
I was involved in making an English version of the frame for nearly two weeks, but I realized that I could understand the meaning of Japanese just by looking at it.
However, in English, I think native people will understand it immediately, but those who do not in the second language will be translated into their own language.
I think we need an expression that appeals to that point.
I think that is what makes the words that are pictures or keywords stand out.
On the Japanese page, the characters are lined up in the history and product description sentences.
I've heard that the fact that there are many words on search engines is a plus, but is it the same in English?
In the genre of traditional crafts, will the keyword live?
I hear that it is important that the photographic image be noticeable.
It may be necessary to add meaning text to the photo as a caption.
Nikko Toshogu is one of Japan's leading tourist destinations and keywords.
The history, culture and traditional crafts of the Tokugawa family.
That is Nikko Geta.
■Product CodeS-095002■
 Atomaru Type  
▶email order 
The current SNS is English blog, twitter and facebook.
An image of a keyword and an SNS linked to it.
The image will be twitter, instagram, and line.
I think that I should draw an image of a beautiful and rare craft that attracts my attention as much as possible and link the English version page.

Yesterday, I received advice from the JETRO prefecture regarding cross-border EC for Japanese products.
Basically, there are no organizations or contacts to introduce websites.
It is an organization that introduces industries, that is, manufacturers.
After all, I on the website needs to develop it myself.
The specialized in handwork is a brand that is planned by The Topy Planning.Ltd
The English version of the website has not been completed yet. I offer my apologies.
We are making it gradually, so please wait for a while.
Contact information
cell phone number   080-5089-9227       (from overseas  +8180-5089-9227)
e-mail     topykikaku @ ybb.ne.jp

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