The history of Aizu

Today I worked on the English version of The specialized in handwork.
Recently, I've been concentrating on the English translation of the traditional website The specialized in handwork.
The Japanese version has more than 200 pages, but it will be translated into English.
Since I use automatic translation software, it's really easy.
There are several examples of translation conversion, and I can choose a sentence that has an appropriate meaning.
I was able to complete about 2 pages today.
Handwork in the Shimotsuke region, handicraft in the Aizu region and Tsugaru region are completed halfway.
Tomorrow, the rest of the Tsugaru region, traditional food, OBMhandocrafts will be about 3 pages.
Every time I make a page, I will post it on the English version of Handicraft Specialized Blog and facebook, twitter, Instagram and promote it.
The history of Aizu is published in the Aizu region on this page.
Ujisato Gamo and Masayuki Hoshina were listed as great men who laid a good rule in the Aizu clan.
I knew something to some extent, but translations check the text in detail, so history naturally understands.
Gamo Ujisato was a wise man who was the husband of Oda Nobunaga's daughter Fuyuhime, but died at the age of 40.
Similarly, Masayuki Hoshina is the son of Hidetada Tokugawa, and will be the younger brother of Iemitsu.

It seems that Masayuki Hoshina had never met Hidetada in his life, but he was allowed to use Matsudaira surname and Aoi no Gomon (of family crest )in the next generation.
Both of them are reported to be local predecessors.
Gamo Ujisato
"Wakamatsu Forest"
Masayuki Hoshina's mother, Oshizu.
Received the favor of Hidetada, 
the second shogun.
hoshina masayuki

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