New challenge Life with Japanease beauty

Ten years have passed since the establishment of Topy Planning Co., Ltd. on April 8, 2020.
This entrepreneur is a company that sells traditional crafts, but it can be said that the 10 years since its founding is a good achievement in the internet industry.
At the time when sales increased, I thought that my experience up to that point was because of this.
Born in a rural village in Nasu, I still went to a junior high school in a small town with a movie theater, a kimono shop, and a butcher, and a high school biked to a slightly larger local city for three years on a gravel road.
I went to college, had two years of traveling abroad, and helped my family business and worked in a hotel after the bankruptcy.
At that time, I was married to a woman I had met while traveling and had two daughters.
At the hotel, there was a little bit of bonito, so I experienced planning, weddings, etc., and went to another office to meet many craftsmen.
They are the people of Tsugaru.
From the experience of growing up in the country, it seems that horses fit, and I got into the world of crafts and folk art.
It's because I grew up in the country and experienced handicraft by imitating the appearance of my grandfather. I wasn't very dexterous, but I was used to playing planes, saws and planes.
This allowed me to keep up with the craftsman.
For me, especially when I met Professor Ojima, who was the director of the prefectural museum, I learned about traditional crafts, folk art, and folk performing arts.
The teachers always talk about "the people who lived pure, poor and beautiful".
I was also able to learn under a wonderful GM.

In 2009, when I left the hotel, I decided to plan Topy planning Co., Ltd. from the character Topy of Roman Topia, which has the company name in mind.
website name is the "handiwork Senka".
And, the idea is "Life with Japanease beauty".
At that time, it was created with some thought in mind, but I think it is still a valid name.
And from this coronal disaster, we have entered an era in which we avoid contact with people.
A few years are major milestones affected.
It is the age of the web.

Expanding overseas is a measure against the poor performance last year.
By moving the target to overseas customers, the concept of mail order became clearer.
This is because the "concept (story)" that cannot be conveyed in words is the most important.
It is a further sublimation of "life with Japanease beauty".
"Branding" is a word I've seen recently.
The "Life with Japanease beauty" advocated by our company is the beauty of Japan.
(The idea, of course, is the value that humanity has, not only in Japan.)
From ancient times, we had an emperor of the thousands of years generation, and in the age of Manyo we were already in democratic politics.
Japan is a nation that can be proud of in the world.
The nations of China and Korea continue to slander Japan without shame.
An unmistakable lie fabrication made by the terrifying white nation (FD Roosevelt America).
"Life with Japanease beauty" is supported by the wisdom and courage of those Japanese people, as well as history and tradition.
I found a mission to fulfill that soul in this job / handicraft specialty mail order.
We will delve into this philosophy.
The specialized in handwork is a brand that is planned by The Topy Planning.Ltd
The English version of the website has not been completed yet. I offer my apologies.
We are making it gradually, so please wait for a while.
Contact information
cell phone number   080-5089-9227       (from overseas  +8180-5089-9227)
e-mail     topykikaku @ ybb.ne.jp

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