Kanuma Yosegi Kumiko work. Vol.001

In the specialty of handicrafts, there is Kanuma-Yosegi Kumiko work, Toyota Woodworks.
It is Kohei Toyoda's workshop, but the product lineup is different from before and it has changed to a new product.
That's why my page has been renewed.
Please take a look.
5 kumiko coasters
5 long trays
Middle tray
Short tray
Turtle pattern set

Parquet kumiko is a part of the construction process.
There is a occupation called joinery, but it is a decoration to be buried between the doors and the crossbars.
The history of kumiko crafts can be seen in the decoration of handrails at Horyu-ji Temple in the Nara Asuka period. 

The specialized in handwork is a brand that is planned by The Topy Planning.Ltd
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