Keiko Kaji has three faces

I met Ms. Keiko Kaji the other day, whom I had known for a long time.
Facebook will be my friend from that time.
However, I recently saw it as a "skin bath pack" in the Facebook post section.
She has introduced the "Beautiful Skin Hot Water Pack" at various exhibition halls.
Because of their enthusiasm, they're good on facebook! was overflowing.
I had met Keiko Kaji once a long time ago.
At that time, the purpose was to introduce the invented goods.

Ms. Keiko Kaji has three faces.
 1. Employees of the Sales Development Department at POLA headquarters
 2. novelist Keiko Kaji
   Honorable mention in the Mita Bungaku Newcomer Award.
   Includes novels, reviews (Kunimao Ogawa and Shun Akiyama),
     and book reviews in "Mita Bungaku".
   She writes "Japanese for Knowing" and other books in "Mrs.". From Shinchosha
     Published "Keep writing and die - the words left behind by Shinji Komada".
   He has been involved in the activities of the fanzine "Mukuta" since its inception.
3. inventor. 
     He belongs to the Japan Institute of Invention and Innovation.
   This time, the "Bihada Yu Pack" is patent pending.
   Design registration No. 1506502

Yesterday, the page of Original KAJI, a skin bath pack, was completed.
I found the relaxation in the product description difficult due to the fact that it's not my specialty, but I was able to put it together accordingly.
This is the knowledge I gained from Keiko Kaji's hearing.
We had Keiko Kaji look at it, and she liked it.
We will introduce this product to many people in the future.

Beautiful skin bath pack OriginalKAJI http://tesigotosenka.com/originalkaji.html
Beautiful skin bath pack http://tesigotosenka.com/pic/S-42pic/S-42001.html
Instructions http://tesigotosenka.com/pic/S-42pic/S-42-002.html
The Handicraft Department http://tesigotosenka.com
Hot water pack for beautiful skin
Selling one piece
Selling 2 pieces
Stress from the strain and exhaustion of the day's work, the
Stiffness in the shoulders is a modern disease.
Bathing time, from the stress of
It will be a time to be liberated.
For tomorrow's vitality, you can do it yourself
with a skin-beautifying bath pack.
Get a relaxing effect
At home - In the office - In the bath - On the sofa - In bed
All you need to do is to put the "Beautiful Skin Hot Water Pack"
 on your face for about one minute.
Easily refreshed.
 (Soak in water below 45 degrees Celsius and squeeze.
=(= the temperature of one's skin)
Keiko Kaji at the time of the announcement of Mrs.
She writes "Japanese for Knowing"
and other books in "Mrs.".
The Age of the Writers
The specialized in handwork is a brand that is planned by The Topy Planning.Ltd
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We are making it gradually, so please wait for a while.
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